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Demonseed wins the IBW World Title!

On Monday, April 24, at Insane Backyard Wrestling's "Return to the Killing Field," Demonseed won the IBW World title by defeating "Mr. One Night Stand" Adam Anthony, "Porn Star" Davis Dong, and The Punisher in a 4-way ladder match for the IBW title. The results are as followed:

Match 1

"Porn Star" Davis Dong vs. Genocide--The match ended after Adam Anthony ran in and hit the "One Night Knockout" on Genocide and placed Dong on top of him for the pin. While Anthony and Dong were beating up Genocide, Demonseed and The Punisher came out and cleared the ring.

Winner: "Porn Star" Davis Dong

Match 2

The Punisher vs. Bucky Brown--Short match with The Punisher going over in about 1:23.

Winner: The Punisher

Match 3

"Mr. One Night Stand" Adam Anthony vs. The Crow--Before the match, Adam Anthony came outand called Demonseed's opponent, The Big Crazy, out to the ring. Anthony said that if Crazy could pin Demonseed, he would be made a member of the Playa's Club. Crazy guaranteed it. Pretty good match with some excellent flying spots from Anthony, who got the pin after hitting the "One Night Knockout."

Winner: Adam Anthony

Match 4

Demonseed vs. The Big Crazy--Before the match began, Crazy got on the mic and once again guaranteed the Playas Club a victory. Towards the end of the match, Anthony and Dong came out and held Demonseed for Crazy. Right as Crazy was ready to hit Demonseed with a chair, he pushed Anthony and Dong off of him, grabbed the chair from Crazy, knocked out Anthony and Dong, and hit "Jesus and Mary Pain" on Crazy, winning the match. After the match, the Playas Club put Crazy through 3 tables.

Winner: Demonseed

**Main Event**

4-Way Ladder Match for IBW World title

The Punisher vs. Adam Anthony vs. Davis Dong vs. Demonseed--Very good match. At the end of the match, Anthony and Dong were both at the top of the ladder, Demonseed hit a DOUBLE JESUS AND MARY PAIN FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!! He then grabbed the belt, and became the very 1st IBW Champion!

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