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"Mr. One Night Stand" Adam Anthony-6',150 lbs.

Titles Held: ICW World Title, ICW Tag Title (w/"Porn Star" Davis Dong) YCW Tag Title(w/Skank) FWL Title, CWF Title, HoKWF Title

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Adam Anthony is one of the most entertaining IBW superstars. He combines aerial with moves with a ground attack that's just as deadly. His finisher, the "One Night Knockout," a modified senton-bomb, is one of the most devastating finisher in Insane Backyard Wrestling. His greatest match was against "Porn Star" Davis Dong when they both wrestled for a now defunct league, ICW.

Demonseed- 5'8'', 165 lbs.

Titles Held: ICW World Title, ICW U.S. title, ICW Tag Team title(w/"T-Bone" Travis Dunn)

Hailing from the darkest depths of Hell, the man known as Demonseed claims its his destiny to rule Insane Backyard Wrestling. Not only does Demonseed love inflicting pain, he can take it as well, as was proved when him and Adam Anthony fell 15 ft. off a backstop through 2 tables. Demonseed's style of wrestling can best be summed up in one word: brutal. His finisher, "Jesus and Mary Pain", is a devastating maneuver in which he places a foreign object across his opponents throat and comes with a russian leg sweep.

"Porn Star" Davis Dong-5'11'', 155 lbs.

Titles Held: ICW World Title, ICW U.S title, ICW Tag Team Title(w/Adam Anthony)

"Porn Star" Davis Dong comes to us from Los Angeles, California, where he claims to own an adult-film company, Davis Dong Distributors. He and his tag team partner, Adam Anthony, form the duo the Playa's Club, and are top contenders for the IBW World Tag Team titles. Dong's finisher, "Penetration," is an amazing swinging stunner. Keep your eye on the "Porn Star," because when he finally "releases" himself on Insane Backyard Wrestling, he claims it's something everyone will want to "cum" and see!

*More profiles to come.

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